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Sir Cedar of the Iles


At age 4, Cedar is a beautiful red and rust Doberman. A great personality, and beautiful face make him a wonderful addition to our family. He is not very interested in giving anyone a hard time, but stay away from his children, or you will get a good view of his bad side.

Natural Is The Way To Go...

You will notice that almost every Doberman here has a natural set of ears. This is because we did not buy our Dobermans for the show ring, so we thought is unfair to crop their ears simply for the look. Many may find that odd...but we love the natural look!

From something so tiny to a great Doberman. This is Cedar at age 7 weeks. We were given this photo by is breeder when he came to our home. You have to love the sparkle in his eyes...even then.

Such A Beautiful Baby...

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