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From Our Home to Yours:

We never turn away a dog in need!

Since we have no Humane Society Shelter or local Doberman Rescue in our county, we have become a magnet for any Doberman in need within 50 miles. This is fine with us, as we would rather they are here then abandoned, and in our county that is very common. Please contact me for more information. Thanks!!

Lady (seen above)

A red female whom has gotten her CGC, and she will be taking her test for her Therapy Dog Certification in late August of 2004. Our hope is that she can find a home with someone who wants a loveable older Doberman. Lady is 7 years old and enjoys her days on the sofa...but will play and run with the youngsters if given the chance.

Forrest Gump (see home page)

A 1 year old fawn male that came to us with his mom Lady, (listed above) as a 5 month old puppy. When he got here he was unable to stand or walk. The vet told us he had fast growing puppy disorder (a diet issue), and if we worked at it, he would walk fine in a few months. Well we have put hundreds of hours in therapy and training, along with the patience of Job, but it was worth it. Forrest now walks, runs, climbs and does everything a young Doberman should. We are certain that he is a bit odd, since he sashays when he walks, like he has an "I am a big dog" attitude. But he is certainly a love, and a goof.

There Are Many More Out There...

Throughout the country, there are many Dobermans looking for a "Forever Home." Consider one of these if you are wanting a truly dedicated and loving animal. There is always room on a sofa for a Doberman. DPAA Rescue Information

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