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How We Got Our Name...and other information:

Our Name...

Ashaman das K`ind loosely translated means "Guardian of the Children." We believe all families deserve unconditional love and protection. Our dogs are raised in a home full of kids, but also watched carefully to determine temperament, for future placement. In our home, all our dogs are the protectors of our children. So the name just fit.

A Bit Of A Brag...

You will see a variety of Doberman colors, as that is what we have here. We are very proud of our Dobermans, as many have gone on to become amazing dogs so far. There is nothing you can say to change our minds about the quality of these dogs. Our pups have become therapy dogs, agility dogs, companions and even one college mascot! Well rounded is our goal!

Our Future...

We have received the plans for our new kennel and training facility. Tentatively we hope to break ground by mid-summer. We will have housing for our dogs that is to our specs, a competition size agility course and a full Belgian Ring training ground, both inside for year round use. Along with the training, we will have the ability to import equipment from Belgium.

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